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Butterflies in Rain by Margaret Cahill. 17th April 2009 until 23rd May 2009

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Artland, Manchester‘s newest independent gallery, is hosting ‘Butterflies in Rain’, (Metro review, Manchester Evening News review) a new collection by leading Manchester painter Margaret Cahill. Cahill has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions, in London, New York, Sweden and Eastern Europe, as in well as in and around Manchester. ‘Butterflies in Rain’ is a new collection which premieres at Artland from April 17th. It brings together Cahill‘s characteristically breathtaking use of colour and deeply evocative sense of place into a stunning collection, which provides an extraordinarily intense visual experience in Artland’s compact gallery space.

‘Butterflies in Rain’ consists of 9 paintings and a series of 15 small canvasses, which evolved from a trip Cahill made to Kosova last year. Photographs form the basis of much of her work, and for this collection her starting point was a series of shots she took during the trip. She describes the final result as ‘photographic elements collaged into paintings.’ Merging one form with another, Cahill moves easily between photographic images and the delicacy of paint upon canvass. The paintings are not ‘of’ Kosova in terms of representing particular places, they are more to do with the evocation of mood and sensation. Apart from the images found in some of the small canvasses, her work is usually empty of people, with the larger canvasses more about setting a tone in memory of the colours she has seen, and developing and evoking newly created places and spaces.

She says:

“The work explores our increasingly fragile relationship with our environments and the way we view them in a constantly shifting and uncertain world. It questions the boundaries between form and space, the real and imagined, and touches on notions of vulnerability, transience and mortality.”

A feature that runs throughout the body of Cahill’s work is the uneasiness and a sense of displacement which permeate through the many-layers of her paintings. This is possibly why the trip to Kosova struck such a chord with her. This is a country which suffered the most hideous atrocities in the war, the legacy of which is still very evident today. Set in a region which has seen some of Europe‘s most bitter ethnic conflict of recent times, Kosova’s relationships with its neighbours, and with its past and future, may appear as tenuous and movable as the interactions between the materials and images in Cahill’s work.

Artland Director James Walmsley is particularly delighted to host this exhibition.

“One of the main reasons I wanted to open an art gallery and curate exhibitions was to get the chance to work with artists like Margaret. She is a serious artist working in serious times. I was immediately drawn to her epic, cinematic landscapes. I kept wanting to return to their stillness and mystery. Her work for me is that of the human condition - decay, abandonment, loss, memory, beauty, violence, recovery and ultimately - hope.”

Artland Gallery quickly established itself as a significant new art space in the North West with its first exhibition last October, ‘Manchester and New York’ by photographer Jan Chlebik. Then at the beginning of this year, a major coup with ‘Iraq - the Space Between’, by New York Times photographer Christoph Bangert. Both exhibitions were very well reviewed, as was the gallery itself. Housed in the basement of the Friend’s Meeting House, the gallery seeks out work of quality and integrity; combing aesthetic value with social and political content. This is Artland’s first exhibition of paintings.

Artland Gallery director James Walmsley has taken a lead on several international arts projects. As well as ‘Fragile State’, he facilitated the major ‘Visions of Zimbabwe’ exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery in 2005. He continues to work with artists from all over the world.

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17th April 2009 until 23rd May 2009